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History starting in 1998


We Achieve Our Vision

Companies preparing for the future are not afraid of change.
JCom Information and Communication Co., Ltd. will continue to develop into a top-tier company in semiconductors and eco-friendly materials through continuous change and growth.
It is a global company specializing in semiconductors and eco-friendly materials that protect the value and environment of customers.

The Future Business

JCOM, which constantly creates cutting-edge future materials beyond the Korean material industry,
But this is just the beginning. with a spirit of challenge that is not satisfied with the present
Through JCOM's unique creative technologies and ideas, for future growth engines
Discover new businesses and find functional materials that are attraction of the world's
We will take the lead as an emerging global company.


JCom Inc. aims to become a company that provides value beyond customer expectations by constantly changing with creative technologies and ideas and challenging the limitations of products and technologies with innovative thinking and actions

And at the center of it is a management philosophy that values people


Based on the accumulated technology and creativity, JCom Information and Communication Co., Ltd. aims to become a top-tier company that realizes customer satisfaction through product development that makes customer's product value safer, more convenient, and richer in semiconductors and eco-friendly materials


JCom Information and Communication, which focuses on the development of high-functioning materials for the future and eco-friendly products, is transforming and growing into a world-class material company. JCom Information and Communication will continue to improve the environment

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